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Expert Well Child Visit Services services offered in Houston, TX

Well Child Checkup

A well child checkup is the best way to ensure your child is as healthy and happy as possible. If you are a parent or caregiver and reside in or around Houston, Texas, Ijeoma Oguagha-Okerulu, MD, at Bread of Life Pediatrics, serves as an excellent resource for routine preventive health visits and other pediatric health needs. Call the office to speak with the friendly staff and to find the best time for your schedule. Or request an appointment online today.

Well Child Checkup Q&A

What is a well child checkup? 

A well child checkup is a preventive health visit that allows your child’s practitioner to deliver the health screenings and preventive care needed at each stage of childhood. These visits usually happen about once each year and continue throughout childhood.

The initial portion of your child’s checkup is based on gathering routine health data such as weight, height, heart function, and breathing. Usually, a quick physical exam follows.

Well child checkups are also the setting for children to receive the vaccines they need to build a resilient and equipped immune system. Your provider can advise you on which shots are recommended during the well child checkup.

What are some topics covered during well child checkups?

During a well child checkup, there is also time built into the visit for parents or caregivers to communicate with the child’s practitioner about any areas of concern.

Possible topics include:

  • Pediatric vitamins 
  • Nutrition
  • Eating habits
  • Asthma and allergies
  • Behavioral health issues
  • Physical activity
  • Screen time
  • Sleep patterns
  • Height and weight

If your child has difficulty maintaining a healthy weight, talk with a knowledgeable Bread of Life Pediatrics practitioner. They can work with you to develop a nutrition and exercise plan tailored to your child’s unique health needs and goals.

Should I be concerned about my child’s weight gain or loss?

Information gathered during a well child checkup is compared to statistics compiled from hundreds of other kids of the same age and gender. This comparison allows your pediatric provider to identify areas of developmental delay or other issues, like unexplainable weight gain or loss.

Children develop at varying rates. Not all developmental delays are a cause for concern. That being said, a pattern of developmental delays might indicate a serious problem, and early intervention can often improve outcomes.

Your provider might order diagnostic tests if they suspect a medical condition is the underlying cause for your child’s unexplained weight gain or loss.

Call Bread of Life Pediatrics to speak with the friendly staff and schedule your child’s next well child checkup. Or request an appointment online, which is fast and convenient.