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Sports Physicals

If your child needs a school physical or any other type of specialized exam, Ijeoma Oguagha, MD, and the team at Bread of Life Pediatrics are here to help, offering outstanding physicals to families in and around Houston, Texas. When you’re ready to book a visit for your child, call the office right away, or schedule online in just a few clicks.

Sports Physicals Q&A

What is the purpose of school physicals?

School physicals are intended to assess whether a child is healthy enough to participate in classroom activities, and to withstand the challenges of spending the bulk of the day in the presence of many other children. 

The goal of school physicals is to provide a thorough assessment that will detect any areas of concern before a child enters the school environment. It’s a tool that not only helps protect your child from harm but also provides safeguards for all children who attend school together. 

What happens if my child “fails” a school physical?

Most kids sail through their school physicals with ease and emerge having met all of the requirements of the requesting organization (often, the school district). There are cases, however, when school physicals reveal signs of a serious health condition that require closer diagnostic assessment or treatment. 

Of course, when a child does not “pass” their school physical it can be disappointing and frustrating for both kids and parents. However, it’s important to understand that when a physical catches a sign of disease or other potential harm, the examination has fulfilled its purpose. 

In such cases, your child’s practitioner will discuss which next steps are necessary. That might mean additional screening tools and techniques to better understand your child’s current state of health. Lab testing and imaging are just a couple of examples. 

Usually, conditions that prevent a child from “passing” a school physical can be cleared up or improved within a short period of time. This means most kids can go into a new school year free from worry.  

How can I ensure I meet the documentation requirements for school physicals?

When it comes to specialized physical exams, there is no single standard for the paperwork aspects of the process. The team at Bread of Life Pediatrics has the skills and experience needed to meet all documentation requirements. 

All of the data collected during your child’s school physicals is added to their permanent medical record. Over time, this document plays a critical role in your child’s health care, allowing their practitioner to track changes and have a full understanding of your child’s personal health history. 

If you have additional questions or concerns about school physicals, reach out to Bread of Life Pediatrics and Health online or by phone to schedule a visit.